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Product Launches + Product Reviews + Media Placement + Trade Shows + Retail Channel Marketing
Product Publicity To Boost Reach and Revenue!
We'll get your product in front of journalists, influencers, consumers, and retailers to secure reviews, build awareness, and increase revenue. 
If you want to reach a wider audience to increase awareness of your consumer product, we can help create a powerful and effective product publicity campaign.

We have the experience and connections to deliver your message effectively, fast, and affordably.

We provide product publicity strategies that will make your budget go further while delivering maximum impact.

We'll help you access the power of the media through reviews, articles, interviews, stories, social media content, and more.
Product Publicity Services:
Product Reviews
We'll help you land stories and product reviews in the media.  Get your product seen by a large audience in print, social media, television, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, and more.
Product Launches
We'll help you develop a targeted launch campaign to gain media attention, consumer awareness, and B2B interest in your product.

Trade Show Publicity
We'll craft and manage a powerful message about your product and business before, during, and after trade shows and special events.

Social Media Marketing
We'll develop and manage your social media campaign including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.
Retail Channel Marketing
We have relationships with some of the largest retailers in the US. We can can assist you in your efforts to reach key decision makers and buyers.
Copy Writing 
We'll write and distribute press releases as well as draft website content, social media text, and any other marketing copy you need. 

Tom LaVoie, CA

"Catapult has been invaluable in helping us with a variety of projects, quickly securing media coverage for multiple product launches and trade shows including CES over the last few years."

James Hong, S. Korea

"We were very impressed with all the attention our company received and the positive coverage we got so quickly. A great addition to our marketing and branding efforts."

Tod Musgrave, CA

"They understand how to reach the customer through effective communication of all types, and most importantly how to get their attention and deliver the message."
Product Publicity and Marketing
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